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  Anton and Caroline Cartano and children

Picture of Anton and Caroline Cartano and and 11 children him and him and him

Anton and Caroline Cartano were the founding members of the Cartano families in America.  They had 16 children.  This is the picture of their 11 children who made it through childbirth. The original family portrait of Anton and Caroline Cartano and their children is in the home of Jo Ann Cowan Cartano and David Gavin Cartano. The reverse side of the picture gives the following information about the family members:

Richard-- Lived in Monticello, Iowa; had two daughters and one son.

Daniel-- Lived in Spokane, Washington; had one daughter and one son; was the father of John D. Cartano.

Jake--Worked as a barber in western Iowa; had two daughters.

Bert-- Lived in Oregon.

John--Worked at a billiard parlor and saloon in Anamosa, Iowa; had one son.

Dony-- Worked at a billiard parlor and soft drinks in Springville, Iowa; never married.

Lizzie-- Lived in Davenport, Iowa; had two daughters, all dead.

Anna-- Died in her early 30s; do not believe she ever married.

Louise-- Music teacher, and sold victolas in Springville Iowa; never married.

Charles-- Livedin Springville, Iowa; believe there was a large family; I knew two who were probably the youngest; one was Jesse Mae Wales or perhaps Wahl; she was an excellent teacher and school principal in Iowa

Terace-- Lived in Springville, Iowa where her husband was depot agent; later moved to Madrid, Iowa; he was agent there.  There were two children.  Erma died at age 16.  Bob was an electrical engineer in St. Louis.

History of the Cartano Family

The first recorded history of the Cartano family is reported in a letter from Trace Cartano (daughter of Anton Cartano) to Dick Cartano in 1955. According to Trace, the family apparently came from Milan, Italy. Trace's sister Louise used to tell her that the Cartanos had a good background. She thought that there was some nobility in the family.

Trace wrote that her grandfather (Joannes) emigrated from Northern Italy into Germany at the age of seven. He was not very tall, had light hair and blue eyes. He married a German girl. His trade was a silversmith. He lived in Bavaria. They had at least one child, Antonius (Anton) Cartano. Anton inherited his dark hair and eyes from his German mother.

Anton had a wealthy uncle living in Milan, Italy who wanted to give Anton an education and to live with him. Anton was dispatched to Italy. When he arrived in Switzerland, the Swiss would not let him pass into Italy because of a war between the two countries. Anton went back to his parents in Germany. He was apprenticed to a fresco painter, and that was his trade until he came to America.He never liked fresco painting enough to work at it.   All of the Cartanos living in America are descendants of one of the 16 children of Anton and Caroline Sophie Klein Cartano. Their remarkable journeys to America, family life in Iowa and Pennsylvania, struggles with the Catholic and Luthern Churches, and later deaths are recorded in the Cartano Internet: Page.


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