Jane Cartano's Masters Thesis


Jane Cartano received a Masters of Science degree in nutrition from Iowa State University in 1944.  The complete Masters Thesis has been republished below.

Here is a sample paragraph from the Masters Thesis:

"Simultaneous vitamin C determinations were made on two samples of blood, one analysis by the photoelectric macro technique and one by the visual micro procedure.  The titration values were read in the photoelectric colorimeter.   An excess of dye was added to a one-milliliter aliquot of urine.  A correction for color and turbidity in urine was made by decolorizing the excess of dye in the sample after the timed readings had been completed.  A final decolorized reading was obtained in the colorimeter and this value was subtracted from each of the original readings.  Urinary readings were further corrected for the amount of dye necessary to bring an equivalent of the amount of extracting acid or preservative in a sample to the same end point.  This value, termed a blank, was obtained by reading in the photoelectric colimeter the decolorization of dye due to a one-milliliter aliquot containing a representative proportion of metaphosphoric acid and 8-hydroxy-quinoline as in the urine sample.  The reducing value of urine alone was calculated by subtracting the blank reading from the original reading minus the decolorized reading."